Join us to learn how Merit Travel Group has transformed their organization through technology, innovation, and a new approach to hunting new business opportunities.

Topics covered:
-The Merit Travel Group Journey: Learn how this travel agency used innovation & technology in order to compete.
-Key Learnings: Find out first-hand their key learnings and discoveries through this data-driven transformation.
-Tableau Demonstration: Learn how to leverage your organization's data strategically with Tableau.

Join us as we look at how government organizations and North American municipalities are handling the pressure of improving performance, accountability, and transparency through the use of data analytics.

Learn how organizations are empowering management decisions, optimizing performance and meeting organizational goals by visualizing their data using key performance scorecards and customized dashboards.

In this webinar, you will learn how to enhance performance management by:
- Empowering Workers with Self-Service Visual Analytics
- Choosing Scorecard Metrics that Matter
- Utilizing Current Data
- Creating a Collaborative Culture


Learn how top retailers are using visual analytics for competitive advantage—and then test drive a collection of the best retail dashboards and experience the power of visual analytics for yourself.

Build Your Competitive Edge: Top 12 Retail Dashboards

Today, in the era of “self-service BI”, the goal remains the same, but the roles have changed. IT takes on the role of data enabler and the business user becomes the report creator and consumer.

Developing a Governed Self-Service BI Strategy

Trying a different chart type may reveal hidden insights, unknown unknowns, or surface multiple truths in a single data set.

Continue reading to learn three ways to expand your creative conversation with time data—beyond the line chart.

Visualizing Time: Beyond the Line Chart

A well-designed dashboard is a launch point for your analytics. Armed with the same powerful collection of information, your business makes faster decisions based on a single source of truth.

10 Best Practices for Building Effective Dashboards

This paper highlights the key terms surrounding analytics today and discusses: How business analytics has evolved over the years; Why visual, advanced, and smart analytics have become household names; and features of an analytics platform to look out for

Define Analytics: The Changing Role of BI's Catch-all Term 

This guide will help officials create clear, crisp and most importantly, accurate visualizations and stories. When done right, these are powerful tools to get people to ask new questions or understand complex issues. 

Three Steps to Make Your Data Clearer